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#1 2010-04-29 20:33:56

From: Saint Louis, MO, USA
Registered: 2007-11-10
Posts: 1603

AOC Season 25: Coverage at AoC Zone

Over at AoC Zone, The_Prophet has written up a nice summary of all the action in the AOC Season 25 group stage so far.

The article provides overall analysis, and points out notable developments for each division.  For example:

RTS League group stage is nearing its end and the time has come to summarise the events so far before we plunge into the thrilling playoff. The biggest front-runners have infallibly ended up at the top of their division ladders, nevertheless they too have lost some points in the process and thus failed to keep a clean sheet.

One of the first surprises accompanying season 25 are the rather unknown clans Frog and UsK which so far seem to dominate division 1 without any difficulties while Gaucho have been pushed back to 4th place. . .

To read the full article, just follow this link.



#2 2010-04-29 23:39:33

From: Noord Holland
Registered: 2010-02-13
Posts: 57

Re: AOC Season 25: Coverage at AoC Zone

It is a lovely write up.

Seems he knows a bit about some history of clans




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