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AoT League Cup Begins with Revenge-Hungry Teams!

posted by Black AdderTuesday, 17 November 2015

With all the Playoff participants decided and already entering the Postseason fray, we also know all the teams to fight for the singular Blood-Red Banner for the winners of our unique League Cup - once again we will be curious to see if some clan can achieve the elusive Double!

We'll be seeing these seven teams fighting for the Honours:

BrT|B, DoD|C, FROST, Lad|B, ONU, PK, ReGen

League Cup Bracket

Scheduling Forum

A lot of possibilities here for interesting League-encompasing results - AbsoLads and Brazilian Team can win both brackets, Deities of Death can steal even more! And then there are the experts from ReGeneration and other strong competitors who were reaching for the Playoffs, but fell just a bit short - now's the time for redemption!

Follow us on our community channels and twitch.tv/RTSLeague with twitch.tv/RTSLeague2 to see the fun battles live and cheer for your clan mates to make it as far as possible in their bracket :) Let us know who has your support!

Gl&hf, and may the skill be with you!

Technical notes

Quarterfinals are slated for this week 16th-22nd November, with standard week per each round. As with Playoffs, all games are to be played on Voobly Balance Patch 1.03.

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

AoT's Bracket Stage Kicks Off!

posted by Black AdderFriday, 06 November 2015

After an exciting group stage full of great matches and also surprises, RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League moves into the postseason to determine the very best of the best. The Champions 2k for jesus stand at the precipice, having to fight for their chance at defending the Title in the preliminary Play-Ins against ReGeneration, a team around Magic, TheMista and Titou, and other clans like AbsoLads or Tsunami Clan are hungrily awaiting their first games to move ever closer to the dream Gold. Who has the best chance to succeed? And who will? Only the following weeks will tell

These clans have won their Playoff participation right in the divisions:

AoL, ArF, BrT, DoD|B, Lad, TSM

and this quartet fights for the 2 wild cards:

DoD, JSS, ONU, ReGen

with Deities of Death just yesterday securing their advance over Organization of Natural Uppers.

Playoff Bracket

Playoff Scheduling Forum

This season is full of well prepared clans playing on the top of their game, and anyone can win the prestigious Title of the best clan in the whole of AoT given the right circumstances. Follow us on our community channels and twitch.tv/RTSLeague plus newly also twitch.tv/RTSLeague2 to see the fun top quality battles live and not miss a thing from the best team plays of this fall. Who is your favourite to claim the RTS League Banners? And who will you cheer for? Let us know both in the comments and on our community channels!

And we also have another big news for the Postseason - we are adopting Voobly Balance Patch 1.03 as the new default option for League play. With the patch being out for several weeks already and thoroughly tested and proven to be working as intended, we see no reason to further delay the progress and not let the expert players show their skills on the best version of the game available.

League Cup

As always, the Postseason wouldn't be complete without the unique competition for teams not advancing into the Playoffs, but since we're still waiting for the second Play-In match to be finished, we cannot kick League Cup off just yet. At any rate though, these teams will have a great chance at redemption and claiming the sole Blood-Red Banner:


We'll definitely let you know when League Cup begins so that you can follow your chosen team's progress as well.

Now, with all the important stuff said and posted, there's one last thing left to do - wish all the clans gl&hf, and may the skill be with you!

Technical notes

Quarterfinals are slated for the week 9-15th November, but due to the need to still play the second Play-In, we are prepared to prolong the first round of Playoffs if necessary. At the same time, already set Quarterfinal matches can be played this upcoming weekend if it suits both clans.

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

Best AoC Clan? Lords of Skulls, Winners of RTS League Season 37

posted by Black AdderSaturday, 24 October 2015

A few weeks ago, a great and in some ways surprising season of RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League has finished, seeing the 2-season reign of CZ Clan ended by Lords of Skulls, a clan that has rarely been noticed or thought of as being favourites - until now. How did they manage to clinch the Golden Banner belonging to the best clan in the whole of AoC? How did they overcome all their opposition? Read on and find out what it takes to become the best of the best and rule them all in a world full of Conquerors...

The season itself began as one of great expectations, because as RTSL's prestige constantly grows, more and more top quality clans and players hunger to taste the sweet nectar of victory and recognition coming with the success in the oldest Age of Empires competition ever. We again saw many top teams sign up, like WolfpacK, Power of Japan, Rulers of Rome, Run Forrest Run, New Chapter, Arg plus multitude of others, and CZ's way to the magical third victory in a row was pretty much assuredly not to be easy, many even predicted not possible at all due to the insane line-ups they had to face.

Group Stage

As fate would have it, both the Finalists-to-be were seeded into the same division, expecting the Czechs as top favourites to come 1st, and LoS fighting for the Playoff placement with other clans the likes of Arg or Klrz, kLu. Both clans' way towards the Postseason seemed pretty easy with Lords suffering just 1 loss to the Argentinians, and defending Champions coming up loss-less up until the crucial last fight of the group stage - mutual battle to decide who goes as n1 seed into the Brackets.

Almost ending in an Administrative Decision, teams finally met on the field of battle in the nick of time, and we got to see a pretty fun set of games ending with a clear score 2:0 (recs). But not for the favourites. Evil tongues could say it was because CZ left their best at home, but with how much was at stake - direct advance into Quarterfinals, but, more importantly, avoiding WolfpacK until Finals - no one could say this was a moment to underestimate, and the Champions sure knew what they were doing. Nonetheless, with the help of some traitorous Paladin, whose name and whole family shall forever be cursed, the first spot deservedly fell to Lords of Skulls, and CZ's first wrinkle on their pristine record had grave consequences for their hopes to claim Gold yet again.

The rest of the divisions went more or less according to expectations, with WolfpacK, by many considered clear favourites for the Title, owning Division 2, and New Chapter coming strong in Division 4, but special mention has to go to Rulers of Rome in Division 3, finishing above strong (and last season Bronze) Run Forrest Run, posing an interesting question - can they follow up with equally intriguing results in the Postseason? With the kind of clans heading for the "Best of" fighting, supported by individual results and performances so far, we knew we were in for something special come Playoffs.


The answer to the question posed above came soon, when CZ Clan faced the enigmatic Romans in the Quarterfinals and dispatched them 3:0 (recs) with their top line-up, clearly showing the strength of the RTS League Champions clad in Gold. Similar brandishing of weapons happened in the LoS-Arg encounter (recs) as well though, and we were getting clear signs something is up - the mostly Brazilian clan means business, definitely confirmed by employing TyRanT's finest, RiuT (aka SAFADAO), who wanted to help his true home clan come out big.

WolfpacK then had similar success (recs) against Tolpoi Kuchaem having season of their lives, and New Chapter had a little revenge fun with RFR (recs) for last season Bronze battle, wrapped up by a rather epic Game 4 (rec). This all resulted in some highly anticipated Semifinal match-ups, promising great games and loads of top quality team game fun in the best format available - 3v3.

WolfpacK vs. CZ (recs) was dubbed the premature Finals, as before the season started, CZ Clan were obvious favourites, having won two times in a row, and WolfpacK's line-up just doesn't allow room for anything else than Gold - and to many, even the Czechs were supposed to be a walkover. Well, they weren't. Also due to some misfortune, but mainly due to serious skill in strategy and tactics set-up before the match itself by their opponents, the Wolves found themselves on the standard end of the Little Red Riding Hood story, and the Czech Hunters found not only her and the granny inside the canines' bellies, but also the shiny key to the Grand Finals themselves.

The other side of the bracket was no less interesting, and with the players both Lords of Skulls and New Chapter were using, this seemed like a Nations Cup rematch (recs) in full strength. Here the fans started to realise the Brazilians (mostly) are kind of the favourites with fielding 2k++ all the time, and were actually expected to trash nC, but boy, were such predictions misguided. All the recent training paid off tremendously for the Germans and they were very clearly reaching for the advance, but proved just a bit short in fully capitalising on RiuT's presence that seemed to have an interesting, yet unexpectedly sour, side effect - common and inescapable mentality that superstrong reinforcement will win the games by itself. Luckily for LoS though, they managed to get things right just in time to clinch their Grand Finals ticket in the last, fifth game, and dream of claiming the highly coveted Golden Banner for themselves stayed alive.

Grand Finals

The last fight of the season was a bit longer in coming due to stacked schedules of the clans, but when the teams finally met, the atmosphere was almost palpable, as there was a whole lot at stake - magical third victory in a row for CZ, premiere Title for LoS, and eternal glory for the winner. Lords of Skulls stuck to their expert game skills, CZ to their expert pre-match tactical preparation. Only one could prevail though, and so the heated clash began, with the challengers racking up Game 1 on Flood (rec) after skillfully conquering the sea, impatiently waiting to face CZ, the Arena Masters, on their favourite home map (rec). The Defending Champions went with their proven, highly effective double sling, but to their surprise, the opponents somehow contained the situation and did not allow for it to get out of hand, stealing a map that should have been CZ's stepping stone to victory. With LoS' home map incoming, the situation was dire for the Champs, needing to win all now, and even though BCC3@Fortress (rec) is similar in appearance to their cozy little piece of battlefield, the progress followed the theme of the evening, eventually, and quite fittingly, seeing the Kings of AoC topple. When all ggs were said and shaking of hands done, a new day has dawned, a day where the proud CZ Clan's Banner flies a little lower, outshined by the Golden Banner of the Champions of RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League, Season 37:

The Honoured Finalists:

Watch the Grand Finals on RTS League YouTube

Download the Grand Finals recs and discuss them at AoCZone

Bronze Banner Match

The first Banner to be awarded though was the one that again had a supposedly clear favourite - it was near unthinkable that WolfpacK would leave empty-handed with such quality, but at the same time New Chapter were on a very similar boat, collecting awards with regularity many could envy. With the fairy tale adventure yielding proper lesson, the Wolves looked to rectify their mistakes and make sure Bronze would be theirs, ready to transform into fearsome Werewolves for this match, not having to worry about the fateful Silver Banner at all. But, well, the representatives of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation did not need any silver on their side, as they had plenty of holy water ready to Flood (rec) their enemies with, followed by just enough spikes made of Black Wood (rec) to still the beasts' hearts, finishing them off with a golden sling found at the fabled El Dorado (rec), a weapon even David himself would love to brandish against his nemesis Goliath. Not even the Arabian (rec) mystics could then divine a way to secure victory for the Pack against such huge odds, and so were the chroniclers of old made to turn the leaves of their tomes one last time this season, to start a New Chapter depicting the heroic deeds of:

Watch the Bronze Banner match on RTS League YouTube

Download the Bronze Banner match recs and discuss them at AoCZone

Congrats LoS, CZ and nC!

Also, of course, big thanks to all the participating clans for making this season as great as it was!

And as usual, we are deeply grateful for the time and effort our many streamers put into bringing the heroic battles of strategy and tactics to the fans live, so thanks Voobly TV and prominent voices of our streams like Genette, Rgeadn or pedro!

The new season with number 38 will be starting in the next several weeks, so follow us on our community channels to learn when the time for the great clan wars comes again :)

Btw if you'd like to help us bring RTS League and the fun it offers to the community to the next level and join our team, be sure to message me (careful to replace the addressee line with my nick - Black Adder :) ) with your ideas and how do you think you could help us improve! Currently we could use a whole range of skill sets from programming to graphics, video editing or League admining, but even text content authoring like round and match reviews or skilled social media management help would be quite welcome. Simply if you want to help and become part of our team, shoot me a message! (careful to replace the addressee line with my nick - Black Adder :) )

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

Count's Analysis of AoT Season 25

posted by Black AdderFriday, 02 October 2015

The new season of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League has just recently started, and it's already producing spectacular games and inciting speculations everywhere it goes. Will JSS successfully defend the Gold? Will Magic+TheMista with Titou carry BeaSt to the Title? Is DoD ready to retake what is theirs? Leader of the reigning Champions 2k for jesus Count_Von_Count has put his thoughts on paper and you can now see what does he think about the 25th RTSL Season and how will it play out according to his experience and knowledge - read on to glimpse the possible future!

Division 1

Division 1 is in my opinion the toughest division in the League. I think four teams are able to advance: DoD|B, TSM, JSS and PK. Let's take a closer look at the teams and their strengths.

DoD|B: This season DoD decided to equally divide the best players over the A & B teams, resulting in DoD|B becoming a very well-rounded team. I expect them to play with quite aggressive god+map combination. Fox has a very aggressive Isis gameplay and also Shelty is known for his Loki. Furthermore, we have BriefKeese and Jollyman, both decent players who should not be underestimated.

The player to watch: DoD_BriefKeese

JSS: The winners of Season 24 will be participating without TheMista this time around, which is obviously a big loss, as last season he was JSS' key player - both Ert and VonCount had more of a supporting role on the team. The question is: Are they capable of changing their playstyle? Whatever the answer, I still think JSS is the team with the best teamplay around - in contrast to most other clans, they play as one team, not as a sum of separate parts. Smoort, Elmo or Hellenic will be the 3rd players to complete the teams, all three of them being solid 18++ players, but having little experience with big team-tourneys like RTSL.

The player to watch: JSS_Ert

TSM: TSM is a long-time participant and always performed really well. So far they have played Medit as their home map in almost every confrontation. The team is featuring Player, Fen, Sensuy and Atlantis - Player is one the best Zeus-players of modern time, and also Fen is playing rather well lately. Sensuy will probably be the one completing the team. The combination of multiple Zeus' in one team has been proven very successful in RTSL's history, and I expect no different this season.

The player to watch: TSM_Player

PK: PK is another clan that should not be counted out. Kye, 7up and pops play and improved a lot, and I expect them to come up with some crazy strategies. I honestly have no idea what home map they will play, or which gods they will go for - as far as I know, all of them can play multiple civilizations. I am not sure if they have a chance to advance out of this tough division, but they might be able to take some games from the stronger clans.

The player to watch: PK_Kye

I expect that TSM will end up first in the division. They are familiar with playing high-level teamgames, and the gods they like to play fit really well together. JSS is the team I expect to qualify as second. Ert and VonCount are both really experienced teamplayers, and as long as the 3rd player on the team delivers, they should not have a problem qualifying. I expect DoD|B to perform better than PK, they have a great potential to play aggressively, and I don't think PK will be able to deal with that. For the more experienced clans (like TSM and JSS) this will be less of a problem.

Division 2

Group 2 seems to be the easiest group. I think there are three clans which have a chance on qualifying - DoD|A, AoL and BrT.

AoL: I find it really hard to judge this clan. The core players are Iron_Maiden, Recon and Berserker, all of whom have a really aggressive style of playing. I have been watching Berserker's stream lately, and his APM is rather high compared to most other streamers. Also Recon (ex-nilla player) is a player that prefers to win by himself rather than waiting for his opponent to make a mistake. If Iron_maiden can step up, I think AoL should be able to qualify for the play-offs.

Player to watch: AoL_Berserker

BrT: The Brazilian squad is also present this season. Seattle, Giovan, GoldenLion, Playhrd, Ninho and Metallo all know how to play in a team. I expect them to produce a lot of mercenaries and hopefully make J4Jc3 rage-quit during one of their games. I am not sure how much of a chance BrT has in the play-offs - their core-strategies have been rather abusive in the previous seasons and therefore counterable by teams able to play multiple gods. At any rate, I am quite sure they will end top 3 in this division, they have overall a decent team and clear game-plan.

Player to watch: BrT_Playhrd

DoD|A: Without Fox and Titou, DoD|A will be slightly weaker than they were in Season 24. However, Rangers, Spoeft, Hellsravage, Killerboy and Brickhead should have no problem coming first in this group. DoD|A plays as a team, is able to pull of different strategies and features numerous expert-players, and even though Spoeft and Killerboy might be a little rusty, DoD|A should still be the strongest team in this division.

Player to watch: DoD_Spoeft

For obvious reasons I expect DoD|A to finish first in this division, skill-wise they are just a step above the other teams. BrT will most likely end up in the 2nd seat, as I don't think any of the other clans in this group (besides DoD) can take any games from them. Only AoL has a chance, but I'm not sure how Norse players (like Iron_Maiden) can deal with BrT's core-strategy.

Division 3

I expect this group to be really close. There are four different clans competing for the 3 top spots - ArF, Lad, ONU and ReGen.

ArF: The best player on ArF's team is for sure Adhafang - he is a very solid random-god teamplayer. However, I don't think the other players on this team will be able to perform on the required level to advance. But if Grandmonster, BzH and Laior can surprise us, they might have a chance to reach the play-offs.

Player to watch: ArF_Adhafang

Lad: Lad has a really strong team on paper - IkillUdie, NyanCat, Ayah, JohnnyWalker and Aurelien have all been doing quite well on the Voobly ladder. Lad did not do bad last season either, but they could not compete with DoD in the semi-finals, and also LNC turned out to be stronger than them when they faced each other for the 3rd place. It is hard to predict how well they will perform this season, but I would not be surprised if they made it to the semi-finals.

Player to watch: Lad_IkillUdie

ONU: ONU did not participate in the last seasons. Back in 2009, ONU's top-players Piske and Sparx performed really well across several seasons, but can they adapt to the current meta? We'll see, but with Highlander recently joining the ONU-squad, his Set might be a great addition to the team. I predict that ONU will do fine in this group, but I don't think they will play at the same level as ReGen and Lad.

Player to watch: ONU_Highlander

ReGen: Magic and TheMista are without a doubt the two best 1v1 players of today, both have crushed every other top-player multiple times. However, we have not seen them playing that many teamgames, and TheMista has shown a really solo-oriented style last season. Will that fit Magics style as well? Will there be any synergy between the two of them? If so, ReGen will most definitely come first in this group, if not, things might get really interesting in group C.

Player to watch: ReGen_Magic

If TheMista and Magic find a way to play together, I don't think any other clan in this group can stop them. Lad is my number two in this division, they have a lot of sup-topplayers and will therefore come out on top of ONU and ArF. I expect ArF vs ONU to be the candidates for the 3rd seat. It will be a rather close fight.

Gods and Maps

Last season there were two gods who have been played way more often than the rest: Oranos and Zeus. Due to the balance-patch 1.02, I expect the meta to slightly change. The Shockwave is one of the reasons why Oranos used to be very strong - especially vs Greek Oranos was a decent choice, because that one godpower could kill about 3 Centaurs if used correctly. Due to the Shockwave nerf, Oranos is now weaker, especially versus Zeus, and therefore I think we will see less of him this season.

Zeus has also received some nerfs - the Bolt godpower cannot be used on villagers and also the repair speed of the Underworld Passage has been reduced, and on top of that, Centaur-raiding became less effective due to the change on their passive. Even though all 3 changes will affect Zeus' strength in teamgames, I do not think we will see less of him - Zeus is in my opinion the best god in team games, plus the nerfs to Oranos are rather beneficial for Zeus players.

Loki will be one of the gods that will be played more often than last season. I expect most teams to opt for more aggressive strategies compared to last seasons, and Loki will fit this style perfectly. A decent amount of hero Hersirs in a team can be a great addition by itself, as Isis players will have to be more thoughtful with casting A+E when there is a Loki on the opposite team. Also Centaur raiding becomes less effective when facing Loki.

Furthermore, I expect a very small increase of Egyptian picks this season. Egyptians have always been a risky choice since you are not able to help your allies in the early phase of the game, but if a team decides to play a defensive map, the Egyptian gods fit in perfectly.

This season RTSL introduced a few new maps: Blue Lagoon, Frozen Wastes, Painted Desert and Sacred Pond. Using these maps might be a great opportunity for the less experienced clans to catch a strong opponent off guard.

Mediterranean will be one of the maps we will see a lot. Good multi-tasking and water-micro are key factors to play this map successfully, which usually benefits the more experienced players. The new Midgard might also become a popular choice due to the fact that Atlanteans naturally suck at this map. Tundra and Blue Lagoon are maps I expect to be picked by the more aggressively-oriented teams, as both maps are rather open, which is necessary to raid. Marsh has been a very popular map last season, and I still think some teams will play Marsh as their home map, but not as often as last season. Most players are familiar with this map, which makes it harder to execute special strategies.

The Semi-finals

I do not precisely know how the RTSL will format the play-off brackets, but I think the following clans have a good chance of making it into the semi-finals:

ReGen: If TheMis and Magic perform, no one will stop them from hitting the semis!
Lad: Active, diverse and solid. I don't see them winning this season, but I don't count them out either.
TSM: Player, Sensuy and Fen might go straight to the top. It would surprise me if they didn't reach the semis.
DoD|A: Easy group stage and lots of experience. This should be no problem for the grandpas.
DoD|B: Talent and aggression, if they do well in their division, they will do well in the brackets, too.
JSS: Extraordinary teamplay. JSS has proven itself already and surely will again this season.

So, do you think he's right? Has he hit the nail on its head? Or do you think he's wrong and your predictions are entirely different? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Follow RTS League's progress on our community channels:

25th AoT Clan League Starting - Who Will Grab Gold?

posted by Black AdderSaturday, 19 September 2015

The one and only traditional Age of Mythology competition is entering a season that might just prove to be the last one before the newly announced expansion, Tale of the Dragon, hits the digital shelves, as surely everyone is very excited to see what new content we'll get, and also very eager to switch to it as soon as it's available. As such, it's only fitting we get to call her with a nice number next to her name, signifying her great history, and also the great promise for her future - RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 25.

But before any of that, we have a season here that will be as intriguing and exciting as ever, as we are again housing a big amount of teams, with the biggest names in the AoT community as well - the reigning Champions 2k for jesus, Deities of Death, or the newly formed Brazilian Team and, of course, BeaSt's team combining two of the best players in the game, Magic and TheMista, with equally skilled Titou. If last season proved to be the best in recent history, here we have a promise of an even better one!

This time around, we have accepted 18 teams to do battle with each other and determine who has the best quality to claim the prestigious Golden Banner for the best clan in the whole of Age of Mythology:

Division 1 - DoD|B, F I N, JSS, ONU|B, PK, TSM
Division 2 - AoL, BrT, DoD, FROST, Lad|B, SUD
Division 3 - ArF, BrT|B, DoD|C, Lad, ONU, ReGen

The divisions will be staffed by a combined team effort headed by ChronoJJ.

Waiting list: UCA

The very best AoT can offer, it really doesn't get any better than this! So, already have a favourite? Then make sure to follow their progress here and on our community channels to learn of all the upcoming live streams and posted recorded games for you to enjoy! RTS League is fun for everyone :)

Follow us:


Some technical info for the clans:

First of all, make sure you understand the novelties for this season:
- All games are to be played using the Voobly Balance Patch - currently version 1.02.
- New maps available to choose - Blue Lagoon, Frozen Wastes, Painted Desert and Sacred Pond (Nile Delta is currently being worked upon to improve it, we won't be including it just yet, but when the fixes are done).
- Rule covering the order of choosing players and gods.
- No limit on teams from one clan entering Playoffs this season.

Check the rules again and also the sign-up post with some explanation.

And some older, but relatively oft-repeated issues, especially meant for new clans:
- Play only on your main nickname, and under your clan's tag.
- Do not forget to submit Fair Play Ratings as soon as possible after each match - more info will be posted in your division.
- Do not wall-spam near Wonders - no 1x1 wall segments and similar. If you want to win through Wonders, do not do it by abuse. Also, clans can choose Conquest on their home map.

Now to the new Clan Operators amongst us - check your forum PMs for your Operator log-ins you will need in order to update your clan infos and rosters. New Clan Operators who haven't received the log-in yet, please message a staffer. In case of any questions regarding the League, do not hesitate to contact them either.

Every clan operator should have an Admin Note on the left below his account name stating that he is an AoT Clan Operator and for which clan. Operators who do not and should have the note please message me (Black Adder).

Links you might want to keep are League standings and the schedule for your division (Division 1, Division 2, Division 3). You can reach both of those also by selecting the appropriate competition in the Leagues menu, schedules are then available below the respective division's table.

Scheduling forums:
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3

Round 1 is open until 27th September, each round lasts the customary 1 week, Monday-Sunday - the concrete dates will be stated in the schedules.


About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

Sign-Ups for AoT Clan League Season 25 Open!

posted by Black AdderTuesday, 01 September 2015

With holidays over and the searing summer heats (sorry southern hemisphere :) ) drawing to a close, it's time to start gaming in earnest again, and what better game to play than Age of Mythology?

Last season of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League proved to be the best in recent history with its great scheduling and overall clan approach to competing, resulting in unusually high Fair Play Ratings, and we are definitely hoping Season 25 will follow in its footsteps - after all, that's why we took the summer pause to avoid any possible scheduling conflicts for you, the clans :)

The quality of play was very high, RTSL being the prestigious clan competition in the AoT community it is, and 2k for jesus hoisted the Golden Banner for the first time in their history (combined with their MpT past) after beating Deities of Death in the Grand Finals by the slightest of margins 3:2. We've also seen many expert-laden clans returning to fight again, like AoL, ArF or LNC, and also some newcomers that left strong impressions after their premier season, like GVT and Legi0N.

And with the new season ready to open its doors, everyone is undoubtedly asking the same question - who is going to be the best clan in the whole of community when Autumn is over? Will it be JSS again? Or will it be the new superstrong clan Assassins of Frost featuring TheMista departed from JSS and also Magic or Titou with simtom? And then we have the ever-dominant clan in DoD, and loads of others that can make the difference, like newly merged Brazilian Team - simply a lot of serious contestants for the Title that we need to follow very closely to learn who is the best of the best.

Follow us:

If you're ready to give a shot to the Golden Banner race or just have some top quality clan war fun, getting a chance to play against the top skillers in the game, gather your clan mates and sign up for Season 25 of the traditional Age of Mythology Clan League with history as long as of the game itself - live your chance for glory!

News for Season 25

1) The most important change coming with the new season is the official adoption of the Voobly Balance Patch - all RTS League games will now be played on the latest tested version of the patch (currently 1.02). Since last season majority of the games were already played using the patch, plus with the reception of the patch by the community being as great as it is, this is just a continuation of the trend, and we're aiming to make use of the well-prepared balance changes to improve the competition overall.

Voobly Balance Patch is the perfect answer to issues brought up during last season like triple Bolt, as the underlying basis of similar strategies is the inherent balancing problem of the game, which is exactly what the patch is addressing. We're hoping more balanced game will result in new gameplay scenarios being devised by players and, in effect, more fun to be had by participating in RTS League.

2) After long deliberation and taking into account current circumstances of the game and community and also opinions of you, the participating clans, we have decided to run a test season concerning B-teams - in Season 25, we will temporarily disable Rule 7.B.2 and enable multiple teams of one clan to enter Playoffs. The aim is to see how will the situation evolve with all teams being able to compete as the rest of the clans, looking to gauge if clans are capable of handling the difficulties, and how will this impact the season's progress and clans' enjoyment of it overall. When the season is over, we will evaluate how it all went and decide on our further actions.

Thank you to all the clans for your diverse input on this matter, it helped in our deciding.

3) To make competing more fun, we will be introducing new maps into the allowed map pool - besides the Blue Lagoon that is already in Voobly Balance Patch 1.02, we'll be also adding the rest of the map pack created by RebelsRising and iBubblei, that means Frozen Wastes, Nile Delta, Painted Desert and Sacred Pond. All these maps will be added into the Official RTS League Mapset mod at Voobly and will be freely selectable as home maps.

4) Due to certain issues with god selection order last season, we're also introducing a rule clearly saying what to do in cases of similar disputes. Since this problem is exceedingly rare, clans are usually sensible and able to come to a consensus, we're not really expecting you to need this too often, but in case you do, here it is:

If clans cannot agree on player and god selection (eg. because of continuous counter-civing), clan choosing the map selects its players and gods first, and then the other team. Further changes are not possible for either side. In case of a decider in a "Best of" series, home clan chooses first.

This should end any potential "debates."

All these changes will be added into the rules in the upcoming days.

Now back to the sign-ups!

To take part in Season 25 and have a chance at the fun (and the Banners :) ), your clan will need to fit a few conditions to ensure you would be a positive contribution to the League.

First you will need a Clan Operator - the guy/gal representing you in the competition, scheduling your matches with the opponents and communicating with League staffers on your behalf. This person should be reliable, responsible and available regularly, every day if at all possible. Proper and timely communication is the key here. You can, of course, have more than 1 Clan Operator to cover for each other :)

Then you must have at least 6 active players ready to participate - this is to ensure you are able to complete your matches regularly even if some of your heroes happen to be temporarily unavailable.

Further you need to be familiar with the League rules. Read them carefully, and pay attention to the novelties for Season 25 posted above as well.

Lastly, during seasons, we unfortunately also uncover foul play and need to take proper action, so here are the administrative decisions active for Season 25 you need to be aware of:

- Player "reDo" is banned for life for multiple serious cases of malicious smurfing. Any clan found to be actively using him in League games will be subject to severe penalties or immediate disqualification. Be sure to know who is playing for you.

And when you've checked all these points and you're ready to join, then again make sure that your clan meets the criteria listed above and within the rules and simply post the following sign-up form. Returning clans need just to confirm the participation (and read the novelties and active admin decisions as well, of course).

Clan Tag:
Clan Name:
Clan Website:
Number of Members:
Clan Operator Nickname and Contact:
Clan Leader Nickname and Contact:
Clan Operator has read the rules and agrees to them:

B(C, etc.)-teams need to supply their complete roster as well to allow us to gauge their strength so that we know where to seed them.

Please sign up your clan only if you seriously want to take part in the League, do not sign up inactive clans or clans with too few players to actually meaningfully compete. Clans that drop out during the season will be excluded from the next one/s.

Sign-ups will be closed on Friday 11th September, Season 25 will start during the following week.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our AoT staff members or any other staffers.

Looking forward to having you in the League, and spread the word - the more clans, the more fun for everyone!

You can check the games played in RTS League at the RTS League's Replays Archive or in the dedicated forum at RTS-Sanctuary where you can also discuss them. Visit our YouTube channel for previously streamed League matches to enjoy the games with insightful commentary or see them through the eyes of players the likes of Spoeft, and be sure to follow our Twitch for regular live streaming of RTS League battles.

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

RTSL AoT Season 24 - Banners and Wrapup

posted by ChronoJJSaturday, 22 August 2015

The 24th AoT RTSL Season concluded almost two months ago Ė and now, after a summer break, the next season is just around the corner. However, before we can move on to the next season, we've got a few banners and congratulations to pass out. This past season was very enjoyable, and in fact, was one of the best-scheduled seasons I've ever seen. Outside of a few early season drop-outs, the season went very smoothly with very few extended rounds and disputes. Even the League Cup, which in the past has been plagued by clan indifference, went very well.

For those who missed last season's result, the grand champion was JSS, who defeated DoD|A 3-2 in the championship. 3rd place went to two clans, LNC and Lad|A, who were never quite able to complete the 3rd place match (although two games were played). Over in the League Cup, DoD|B dominated its competition and defeated GVT 3-0 in the finals. One last thing to cover are the fair-play ratings, a rather arbitrary and unscientific system (but we still love it) in which clan operators rate their opposing clans' general sportsmanship Ė as follows:

JSS 10.00 (out of 10)
DoD B 9.75
Legi0N 9.75
Lad 9.00
TBL 8.50
DoD 8.00
Lad B 8.00
SUD 8.00
TAG 8.00
PK 7.67
ReV 7.50
AoD 7.33
AoL 7.20
ArF 7.10
LNC 7.00
GVT 6.60

Overall, the scores are pretty high, which likely reflects the ease in which the season as a whole was completed.

For those interested in watching last season's recorded games, you can find them on the RTSL website Please note that downloading the recorded games will, at times, be a bit frustrating, due to the fact that some of the matches were played on the standard ES 1.03 patch, while other matches were played on the Voobly 1.01 patch. For assistance in determining the patch version, you can check most of the game logs on the Voobly RTSL Ladder, although the recorded games can no longer be downloaded from there. Also, many of the RTSL games can be downloaded here at RTS Sanctuary, in the RTSL replay forum.

For livestreams, many of the games were streamed on the RTS League Twitch channel, or, many of the recorded games were uploaded to RTS League's YouTube channel.

Signups for the next season are just around the corner Ė we are anticipating the next season beginning in early to mid September. We've also been discussing a few issues that were brought up last season - we'll have updates on that when the signups are posted shortly (a few days or go).

The Banners (congratulations to JSS!):

Thanks to all of the clans who participated - RTS League wouldn't be anything without any clans, so we (the staff) certainly appreciate every clan and every player who put in an effort to make the season successful.

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AoC Season 37 Enters Playoffs!

posted by Black AdderTuesday, 11 August 2015

With summer in the north and winter in the south entering their second halves, RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League is doing the same with its Season 37, switching gears and getting ready for the best quality AoC clan action there is. The ranks of the challengers attacking CZ Clan's double gold are damn strong, and the Champs will have a lot of work to do to get to the top for the third time in a row. Is it in their power to continue the streak? Or shall they be deposed? Follow RTS League and see who's the clan to rule them all!

The following clans have made it past the cut and will fight for the Golden Banner:

Arg, BF', BuzZ, CZ, LyF, LoS, McL, nC, RFR, RoR, TK, WolfpacK

Top quality and AoC expertise everywhere you look - that's how good this Postseason is going to be!

Playoff Bracket

Make sure to follow us on our community channels and Twitch to learn of upcoming streamings to see your heroes battle live and bring you as much fun as their skill promises

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As for some details on what to expect in the Postseason, starting with Quarterfinals you can look forward to Best of 5 battles with set maps including some of the very interesting designs as seen in War is Coming, like Team Continental or Land of Lakes. If previous seasons and the clans mentioned above are of any indication, we're going to see a lot of great plays and have fun watching some of the very best clan action in Age of Empires!

So, who is your favourite for the Title, and for whom are you going to cheer? Let us know!


Info for the clans

Each round will last a week as is usual, and concerning format, Round of 16 is standard Best of 3 (home map each clan, third on Blind Random), starting from Quarterfinals it changes into Best of 5 with two set maps - check out the post in the scheduling forum for more details.

Round of 16: 10-16th August
Quarterfinals: 17th-23rd August
Semifinals: 24-30th August
Grand Finals/Bronze Match: 31st August - 6th September

That's it then - let's get to responsible scheduling in the forums and have some proper AoC fun :)

Gl&hf clans, may the skill be with you!

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

AoT Grand Finals Live Today!

posted by Black AdderThursday, 25 June 2015

The most important match of the season is here - the Grand Finals of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 24 have arrived. 2k for jesus and Deities of Death have battled through all the rounds of the group stage, all the notches in the elimination bracket, and as the only two undefeated clans now face each other in the final fight that will decide it all.

Read ChronoJJ's Grand Finals preview

Today, you, the fans of both Age of Mythology and RTS League, will learn the truth - who is the best clan in the whole of Age of Mythology? Who deserves the right to fly the prestigious Golden Banner?

Tune in to www.twitch.tv/RTSLeague at 18:00 GMT/20:00 CEST/14:00 EDT/11:00 PDT and find out!

In the meantime, take your guesses in the comments, support your favourites in any way you can, and, also, be sure to read the preview of the last battle of the season again compiled by ChronoJJ that will tell you all there is to know about the two Finalists.

Brackets, recorded games archive on our web or at RTS-Sanctuary (some games, not all, are played on Voobly Balance Patch and require it to play properly)

Become part of our community at , or and follow our for all the latest news and live streams

Count and J4Jc3 Agree on 3-1 Result for AoT Finals - Q/A with Leaders

posted by Black AdderThursday, 18 June 2015

Grand Finals of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 24 are getting ever closer, and everybody is expecting one of the greatest clashes in (not only) recent history. With the way 2k for jesus stormed into the last fight of the season, sporting a line-up of condensed skill headed by TheMista, they seem to be the favourites to claim their first Gold ever, but they also possess a rather rich history (also as MpT) of choking right at the last moment! Deities of Death, on the other hand, are multiple-times Champions and know how to handle themselves under pressure, housing similar amount of experts in their deep roster, allowing them to respond to various specific situations with real power, so in the end, finding real favourites in this stacked match-up is real tricky, as this match promises to be an epic experience that can very easily go either way.

But that's just our outlook, and you and the clans sure have other ideas about who and why should win, so it's time to get down to the bottom of it, to find the truth, time for questions to be asked, and answers to be posted - and who else should be more qualified to speak about the two great clans facing each other in the Grand Finals than their leaders, [JSS]Count_Von_Count and [DoD]J4Jc3?

Get ready, fasten your seatbelts, mods prepare the fire extinguishers, and here we go - it's time to learn the truth about who will win Season 24's Golden Banner (or is it?):

First of all, who will win the series and in how many games?

Count: Most definitely JSS! I do think DoD has some really good players. They perform well in teamgames and most of them are very nice guys. But honestly, do you think they can compete skill-wise with the JSS team? I don't think its coincidence that DoD had so much trouble beating LaD in the semi-finals. At this moment they are just not our level. They might win one game, because they pull off something surprising. I think 3-1 for JSS would be a decent guess.

J4Jc3: Obviously DoD. We never lost to JSS/ex MpT before, there is no reason to lose now. I think we'll win 3-1, with our only loss being on Medi, because thatís just not a real map. Besides, we don't want JSS to die after RTSL, so we have to give them one win at least to keep the hope up.

Obviously DoD and JSS are both very successful clans, do you think they can be compared, or are they totally different?

Count: Very, very, very different! Firstly, JSS is not a clan, we are a Team. We have no clan-hierarchy, my teammates aren't obligated to visit a forum daily, nor is it possible to apply for JSS. Just before every RTSL-season we publish our roster for the next season. I know every other JSS player very well and appreciate them for who they are. Thatís one of the reasons the atmosphere in our team is so awesome!

J4Jc3: They can't really be compared considering DoD is the greatest clan in the history of AOT and JSS is more of a "team" than a real clan. Besides, we've won RTSL so many times that I lost track of it, while JSS hasn't won a single season yet. That's like comparing Zeus full upped myrmidons with Odin's unupgraded TA. Yes, TA counter myrms like JSSís gods counter us, but the difference in class is just too big.

Count/J4Jc3, it seems obvious the two of you manage your clans very differently. How would you describe J4Jc3/Count as a leader?

Count: J4Jc3 (Deni) reminds me of Sepp Blatter. The entire community knows he is corrupt. But no one seems to care. When I visited the DoD forum for the first time, the first topic I bumped into was named: "the clan-hierarchy". This topic contained a silly speech explaining where people "belong". At first it made me laugh, but when I took a closer look I realised how ridiculous it actually was. Also why is Shelty not in DoD-A? Heís probably the best player DoD has right now!?

Furthermore J4Jc3 likes to refer to himself as the "the dictator". He has been in charge of DoD for ages right now. DoD has won many titles and been an outstanding aot-clan since 2005. Even though I would feel very uncomfortable leading a clan like he does, it seems to be working very well.

J4Jc3: What Count did is construct a team of elitists who feel they are entitled to win an RTSL title. Even his own members feel they are pushed out of the clan if they do not perform as good as the JSS top three. I think we are all aware of Falco's story of not being allowed to participate in RTSL because he hasn't eaten a pizza with Count yet. What kind of a leader does that?

What do you think is the most effective way of managing a clan? By participating in RTSL yourself, or more as an outside observer?

Count: Both have pros & cons. By actual playing in the games myself I have better view of what actually happened at "our side" and of course it's easier to make calls in game. On the other hand it might narrow my point of view and I might be biased because itís easier to blame others for your mistakes than admit you f*cked up yourself.

J4Jc3: I think I should be in the RTSL hall of fame for participating in most RTSL games, participating in most RTSL finals and winning most RTSL finals. That being said, when you participate in the game yourself, your decisions regarding team choice are compromised. Besides, I hate losing and by participating even my day-to-day decisions may be compromised. Therefore, it is best to put a highly respected clan member in the team who will take the lead while I'm managing the clan from the side.

Well. TheMista has been in DoD 2 seasons ago. In the Finals vs. TSM he pulled off some pretty strange tower-rush start with Odin. Actually how valuable is TheMista for a clan? And can he be trusted?

Count: Haha, that particular game was lost by Firefox. Themista actually did a very good job considering he was facing Player (the only 18+ player TSM has). Firefox on the other hand managed to lose his side vs Fen. I have no idea what precisely happened behind the scenes. But J4Jc3 is the guy in charge right? If Themista wouldn't listen, then just substitute himÖ

The fact that he can play random god and is the best active player atm, makes him a very important part of the team. But we have many important "parts". There is a reason why we didn't lose a single game yet this season. We managed to perform strong vs every clan in every game no matter who was playing. And that's a team-effort.

J4Jc3: While in DoD, Themis hasn't contributed to anything. He didn't post, he smurfed too much, he didn't put the DoD tag on the top of the ladder, he didn't play team games and he blew away the RTSL games. He betrayed the clan and got banned. That being said, I convinced him to apply for JSS and Count to accept him so we could crush him in RTSL, but unfortunately, we didn't meet until now. There is nowhere to run anymore.

Both teams seem to have a lot of solid players. Who do you fear the most? And who's the biggest "noob" at your oppo's team?

Count: Good question! Well, the guy I fear most is Titou. He has had many good performances and is the best at what he does. In contrast to Cyclone (LNC_Imonfire), Titou has better macro management and is therefore one of the guys I rather don't face.

Rangers has been underperforming this season so far, so I don't mind him playing. I did expect more of him. Also J4Jc3 himself is one of the guys I would like to face. The fact that he has very little understanding of any other god than Thor makes him a grateful victim.

J4Jc3: I normally fear Ert the most, because I tend to lose to his Ra a lot. But that's just because I play Thor, my players mostly play Oranos and Ert is bad against that, so my main fear is Count. He is skilled, experienced in TGs and takes the lead in his team. A team with someone in charge is very dangerous. But I'll appoint a team captain myself, so it won't really make any difference.

The biggest noob in JSS is definitely Chef. Although I can't really judge his skill considering it is not possible to play with him, from what I've seen, Chef cannot compete with the others.

How do you guys communicate in-game? Do you use a voice-chat and do you have a shot-caller?

Count: Yep, we use Skype while playing RTSL-matching. Communicating this way is way easier and faster than typing. I would advise every clan to do so.

Haha and yeah about the shot-calling. Most of the time me and Themista are shouting all kind of random things like "You have Idle vills over there!" or "I have the feeling that I'm gonna get doubled in x seconds!" and sometimes more directly like "Start micro'ing with your f*cking Turma!" Chef and Ert are more quiet and try to make all of Themis' and my wishes come true. I think in the medit game versus LNC Chef said at least 20 times "Aye Count/Themis, I'll take care of that."

J4Jc3: We don't use team speak and we mostly don't have a formal shot-caller (although I'll probably appoint one for the finals). Some players like myself, Rangers or Killerboy naturally talk a lot in game, but mostly it's an overall team effort.

It hasn't gone unnoticed that JSS won every single game at Medit with 3 Zeuses this season. Some say triple Bolt is just imbalanced and can't be countered. What do you think about the Bolt strategy? Will JSS use this start as well in the Finals? And will DoD have an answer?

Count: The triple bolt strategy started as a decent way to get rid of the teams with lots of Lag. We decided to bolt one guy into the graveyard and rush the other side to win in like 10min. If games against (no offense, but mostly Brazilian) clans get late-game, the lag is just unbearable.

Now we still use Medit because we know we are better at multi-tasking than our opponents. We can micro water, micro land and take care of our own economy, while some less-skilled opponents have trouble doing the same. Water maps are more complicated and therefore require more skill and a higher APM. I believe that JSS excels in both.

J4Jc3: I think triple bolt is extremely lame and should be fixed immediately in the balance patch. It should also be prohibited in RTSL. I think JSS will most likely use it again in the finals, but we have made extensive preparations to counter it.

Thanks for taking the time to share some insider insight into this eagerly anticipated match-up and gl&hf! The entire community is looking forward to the games!

Count: Thanks!

J4Jc3: Thx, looking forward to the games!

So, that's how the clan leaders see it. And how about you? Let us know!

And definitely follow us on our community channels to learn when the Grand Finals and other matches will be played and streamed live, as you don't want to miss any of the great fun!

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