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#1 2011-09-13 22:43:42

From: Stockholm
Registered: 2008-03-02
Posts: 68

Heroes of Newerth?

to counter the LoL thread, id love to se a HoN league here at RTS league where i feel at home smile. im quite sure there is enough interest. Im not sure but for instance LoL doesnt have a recorded game utility (HoN has it, LIKE A BAAWSSSS!!). But ye, regularily 35-50k ppl online at peak hours.




#2 2011-09-14 05:04:12

From: Saint Louis, MO, USA
Registered: 2007-11-10
Posts: 1603

Re: Heroes of Newerth?

I just started playing LoL, and several on our staff play it also, so we will probably start a league there first.

But if you know someone who has experience playing HoN and is willing to help staff a league, ask them to apply here and we may work something out smile



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