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#1 2013-01-22 19:16:30

Black Adder
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Season 19 of AoT Starts!

New season of Age of Mythology - The Titans Clan League will again see Tsunami Clan defend the title as in the last season - we can all be sure they are impatiently eyeing the hattrick! Can someone spoil their fun?

Thirteen accepted clans have been placed into the following divisions:

Division 1 - LoVe, PK, ArF, MpT, Sky, PureDM (staffed by Fen)
Division 2 - DoD, TSM, mG, vK, AoD, LNC, TCL (staffed by ChronoJJ)

Due to last season's issues (unfortunately including also the final matches) and an overall drop in game activity, we have decided to ensure the best way we can that the participating clans will finish the season to its fullest even in the face of unforeseen circumstances like last season. To that end, this season will include only full clans competing without their B teams.

Operator log-ins for updating your clan infos and rosters have already been sent out, check your forum PMs. In case of any questions regarding the League, do not hesitate to contact your division staffer.

Information for Season 19:

The big news comes for the clans that, at the end of the group stage, find themselves below the line for playoffs. Up until now, your season was at that moment over and you had to wait for a new one, but not anymore - beginning this postseason, you will compete in a bracket of your own, battling for the lone and all-important award banner for the winner. We want to improve everyone's experience in RTS League any way we can, and we believe this is a great way to make the season more exciting even for the clans that did not fit into the play-off bracket. Further information will follow during the course of the group stage.

Starting this season, we have re-allowed Nomad map as an option for your home map. If you choose Nomad, it is necessary to take a screenshot of the victory screen at the end - in case of malfunctioning record, this will be the means to confirm the winner.

After last season's success, Fair Play Award continues on, and the most fair clan Virtual Killers is the paragon to be followed. Can we beat the high overall average of 7.8 from last season, making RTS League even more friendly place to play? Clan operators, do not forget to send in your Fair Play Rating after each match to your division staffer and Black Adder - specify the match and points (1 the worst, 10 the best).

Further information on League operation:

Links you might want to keep are League standings and the schedule for your division (Division 1, Division 2). You can reach both of these also by selecting the appropriate competition in the Leagues menu, schedules are then available below the respective divisions' tables.

Scheduling forums:
Division 1
Division 2

Round 1 is open until February 3.


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