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#1 2013-07-10 23:16:38

Black Adder
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Season 20 of AoT Launched!

20th edition of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League is upon us and everyone is sure curious if the Late Night Club can deliver again! But betting against DoD's star line-up is always kind of tricky...

With the reintroducement of the B-teams, we have accepted fourteen competitors:

Division 1 - DoD, mG|B, ZAP, vK, PK, TSM, Undead
Division 2 - DoD|B, mG, RNR, vK|B, MpT, LNC, AoD

Both divisions will be staffed by Chrono and Black Adder.

New Clan Operators amongst us, check your forum PMs for your Operator log-ins you will need in order to update your clan infos and rosters. In case of any questions regarding the League, do not hesitate to contact any AoT staffer.

Every clan operator should have an Admin Note on the left beside his/her account name stating that s/he is an AoT Clan Operator and for which clan. Operators who do not and should have the note please message me (Black Adder).

Clans with B-teams, please specify in a message to me (Black Adder) operators for both your teams (e.g. A: Op1, Op2, B: Op3, Op1). Returning clans please specify your current active operators so that we can remove inactive ones and clean things up, also by a message to me (Black Adder).


Important information on Season 20:

Due to the way match scheduling has been going in the last seasons, we, the staffers, will be monitoring the scheduling efforts more closely from now on. We want to stop responsible clans from being annoyed and irresponsible clans from making life difficult for the other teams.

What this means for you, the clans? On one hand, it means that we will be more involved if scheduling is not going well, and we will try to help you reach a common playtime. On the other hand, it means we will be more strict with handing out penalties and Admin Times if we see clans are not putting enough effort into the scheduling process.

Every round takes 1 week (except the first one where everyone is settling in) and is supposed to be finished in its allocated week. Each of you has to make the best possible effort to make that happen. There will be no more several-week-long rounds. If your clan cannot for a "serious" reason play in the allocated week, you will ask for staff's permission, and we "might" allow you to finish the games in the upcoming week. Top player not available is not a reason for postponement. This is a clan league and you have to have 6 active players ready as stated in the rules you all declared you have read. There is no harm in letting other players from your clan participate - RTS League is about fun and friendly competing, I am sure everyone in your team would be more than happy to represent your clan, and who knows, maybe with the extra motivation, they can even perform better than your first choice players smile

Schedule responsibly, visit scheduling threads often (ideally every day, every two days at most), and if you foresee trouble, post as soon as possible so that you and your opponents can solve the situation (with help from a staffer, if needed) to both teams' satisfaction.

As recently requested by several Clan Operators, we will be posting additional information on Fair Play Rating and its evaluation system in the Divisions' forums in the upcoming days.

Due to the historic wording of Rule 3.5 that is no longer actual and does not properly fill its function, it will be soon changed into the following version (which becomes valid by this posting):

All players must play in ESO, Voobly, and IP games with the exact name indicated in the Player-List. If a player has separate ESO and Voobly accounts and the names are not identical, both account names must be listed in the Clan roster. Even a misspelling or missing underscore can result in an administrative action, depending on the circumstances of the infraction. If, when asked, a clan refuses to swap out an ineligible player, and the games are not played as a result, that clan will receive a Miss (see below, Rule 9.2).

You still have to keep your Clan Rosters up to date - failure to do so will result in an administrative action.

Further information on League operation:

Links you might want to keep are League standings and the schedule for your division (Division 1, Division 2). You can reach both of these also by selecting the appropriate competition in the Leagues menu, schedules are then available below the respective division's table.

Scheduling forums:
Division 1
Division 2

Round 1 is traditionally open for almost two weeks until July 21, subsequent rounds will last the customary 1 week.


[nex]Black__Adder (@BlackAdderPlays)

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." Peter O'Toole
"The true measure of a hero is when a man lays down his life with the knowledge that those he saves... will never know." - The Outer Limits

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#2 2013-07-11 18:57:10

Registered: 2012-08-01
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Re: Season 20 of AoT Launched!

GL & HF All Clans




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