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#1 2014-06-07 20:28:17

Senior League Staff
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Administrative review of PK B vs TBL


RTS League strives to provide Age of Mythology clans with the ability to participate in an organized, serious clan league. We, the RTS League staff, recognize that the League is not perfect nothing is but we try to make RTS League as fun and enjoyable as possible. With that in mind, it is necessary to maintain a list of rules, and to expect all participating clans to adhere to them. We would rather that all clans abide by the rules and show good sportsmanship in getting the games played. But when clans/players break the rules, we are more than prepared to deal with the situation.

Over the past weekend (May 31st), PK B and TBL played their RTSL matches. The results were an upset, with the lesser-skilled PK B achieving victory in both matches. Of particular note, PK_Demonoid played exceptionally well. Following the conclusion of the matches, there were many individuals, TBL included, who expressed a suspicion that someone else had played on Demonoid's account.

The matches were played on Voobly. It should be noted that Voobly has an exhaustive Administrative Control Panel, particularly in the area of user logs. The Administrative Panel has the capability to track logins, which (among many other options) allows the Administrative Panel to catalogue a list of who logs onto which usernames. Two of the RTSL staff (myself and MasterOfFreedom) are Voobly moderators, which gives us access to the Administrator Panel.

MasterOfFreedom was online when the matches were played, and after being alerted to the rising suspicions surrounding Demonoid's level of play, he immediately accessed the Voobly panel following the conclusion of the second match.

A check of Demonoid's account indicated that PK_reDo logged onto Demonoid's account at 1858 GMT+1. The PK B / TBL matches began shortly after 1900 GMT+1. The Administrative Panel did not show anyone else logging onto Demonoid's account for the duration of the matches. Therefore, PK_reDo played on PK_Demonoid's account for both matches against TBL.

There is no way around that fact. The Voobly database cannot lie. Two users cannot be on one account at the same time. So if reDo was logged on for the entire duration of the matches, then Demonoid was not.

The RTSL staff spent the last few days discussing the appropriate penalties for the cheating. We took into account that it was likely that the majority of PK was unaware that the cheating had occurred. Having said that, a clan is responsible for its players' behavior. Sure, reDo and Demonoid were the guilty parties, but both were representatives of the PK clan. Not only that, but Demonoid was also a staff member in PK. And then there is the audacity of smurfing in one match, and immediately after it ends playing another one for the original team.

The following is the list of agreed-upon sanctions:

1) Due to the fact that reDo had already received a tempory ban for a previous instance of smurfing, reDo is banned from RTS League participation for life.
2) Being a first offense, Demonoid is banned from RTS League participation for the remainder of this season, as well as the next.
3) The PK clan as a whole is put on a probationary period for the remainder of this season, as well as the next. Any subsequent serious infractions will result in PK being booted from the League.
4) The results for the games between PK B and TBL have been changed to administrative victories for TBL.
5) The results for the games between PK A and MpT B, in which reDo participated right after the smurfing incident, have been changed to administrative victories for MpT B.

The purpose of this topic is not to bash or criticize any player or clan. It is merely to inform. Therefore, those who have questions in regards to the incident are more than welcome to ask, but we do not want the thread to turn into a flame-fest. For those who have not seen the games, the links are below:

Game 1 on Mediterranean, video, upload on RTS-Sanctuary
Game 2 on Anatolia, video, upload on RTS-Sanctuary



#2 2014-06-08 08:39:30

Registered: 2011-06-06
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Re: Administrative review of PK B vs TBL

Requesting an immediate conversation with RTSL Staff to discuss these matters.

-The publicity of this topic without talking to myself the PK Staff and Operator
-Some points about the punishment

The posting on RTS-S was very unprofessional IMO. Please could somebody get in contact with me.




#3 2014-06-08 09:15:26

Registered: 2011-06-06
Posts: 262

Re: Administrative review of PK B vs TBL

I spoke with Chronojj

I believe he is posing the question of re evaluating the punishment on PK A v MpT B match.

First off I raised that MpT B should not profit from this situation, they do not deserve a win here.

a) becuase PK A was not breaking any rules, reDo was already an established member of PK A as he played last season.

b) The rest of PK A had no idea about this, therefore the player should be punished.

The worst punishment I feel you should give is making us replay this match.

Both my points are backed up in almost every example of competition. If a player fucks up for sports team he receives a fine and a ban. The team doesn't not receive losses.

I mentioned the Juventus football club fixing matches, they didn't go back and give out wins to every team they played. The just took points off of Juventus.



#4 2014-06-10 16:06:54

Registered: 2012-08-01
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Re: Administrative review of PK B vs TBL

There is no the first time this happen, there is a precedent with GDM and THX and both clan suffered a worst punishments. They were banned for a year and players involved lifetime banned. You can't hit hard some clanes and go easy with others, all cases should get same sanctions.




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