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JSS Reclaim AoT Gold!


With all the games of Season 27 of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League finished, it's time to reminisce a bit, and, of course, hand out the prestigious Banners the clans can proudly sport on their webs, profiles, T-shirts, CVs... simply anywhere they see fit :d So how did this season go?

Group Stage

S27 had a more modest and private feel to it due to the comparatively lower amount of teams, but if you look at the actual participants, you can easily see it was basically just a condensation of all the top quality the Age of Mythology community can offer - Tsunami Clan, last season Champions, 2k for jesus, the Silvers, AbsoLads, Deities of Death... All the top clans and players were involved, as usual, and that also meant the usual top quality of games played and also streamed.

Four matches per round also meant we had a good opportunity to focus and cast plenty of games even through the common overlaps, and so we saw a nice number of highly interesting clashes live, such as KeeN with DoD right in the first round, or Lad vs. TSM in the last. A quite noteworthy match also happened with JSS and KeeN, where 2k for jesus famously overcame seemingly impossible odds of having 1 TC less on a heavily boomy map Highland.

Overall Division 1 ended up having one clear favourite in AbsoLads, not losing a game and making the Title defence for Tsunami Clan quite hard, and Division 2 was the one that was unclear till the very last round, as KeeN, featuring many former TBL players, was stirring things up quite mightily.

Find all the streamed games on our YouTube or Twitch and recs in our archive


The best of the already pretty much the best of the community in the group stage advanced into the Playoffs, promising us pretty cool games with all the names involved.

Quarterfinals went rather smoothly, in DoD's case probably too smoothly in their first game with TSM, but nonetheless we saw very interesting games letting on the chances of the advancees on the colour of their potential Banners. Tyr proved to be better than Baldr, and in the Latino American clash, Gladiadores del Mythology tried their best even with special strats, allowing us to see some near-extinct Hydras, but KeeNs had their eyes riveted quite high and were not to be even just slowed down on their path to glory.

Semis were already where things got real real, as both clashes were classics showcasing the whole top line-up of the current Age of Mythology. Would you want the two toppest experts Magic and TheMista? Or the best Oranos Titou? Or spectacular TG Kronos Nyan or Hades metall0? Take your pick, all were in. All four clans put up real great efforts, yet only two could advance, and, coincidentally, both the matches ended with the same score that belied the true progress of the battles - first JSS had their revenge for last season's Finals against TSM, day later KeeN, to some surprisingly, secured their ticket by beating the so far impeccable AbsoLads.

Find all the streamed games on our YouTube or Twitch and recs in our archive

Grand Finals

It was then all down to two remaining clans - 2k for jesus and KeeN, clans that have met already in the group stage with JSS coming out clearly victorious. Line-ups were ready with the expected great players, so we all strapped in and enjoyed the fun match, also setting the new RTSL streaming viewership record at 224 - thanks everyone for turning up!

Battle started on pre-set Megalopolis, a map made for defensive, but that was hardly how clans approached it - aggression was all around with the god choices, only Magic steered from that with his Eggy, but what he could not supply in actual army aggression, he supplied in his hunger for TCs, at one time eyeing even the number 5. TheMista was though all over the place with his raiding here and there, being able to deftly punish this expansionist strategy, and even though KeeN boys otherwise looked quite all right set up through their strong early play, JSS seemed to be just biding their time and waiting for the correct moment to pounce. That came with Count's famous game-deciding Ragnarök, taking their opponents aback and propelling his team to a sudden lead.

KeeNs chose as their home map Anatolia, map that has served them rather well in the past (except the teaching from DoD in the very first round :d), and from the overall civilisation choices, you would probably favour them too. Things were going kind of expectedly, JSS' early agression being turned back and transforming into a battle for their lives near Titou's home base and also their vital trade route, but then "something" happened and the curious failure to take down the Oranos Titan Gate proved to be a game deciding moment, together with JSS' ability to destroy two of the opponent ones. metall0 did all he could with 4 TCs against Count's 0, but the post-Ragna Norse wasn't about to give up, similarly to g0ld_lion who was facing 4TC TheMista with his own 2, but some good game decisions later, there was no doubt KeeNs were KNee-deep in trouble and had a mountain to climb ahead of them.

JSS' home map turned out to be Frozen Wastes, a rather popular new addition to the map pool, promising yet another aggressive game. KeeN took to the cue and attempted a bold double Athena Rush, trying to surprise their opponents, but the leading team's experience shone through, together with weirdly used Restoration, and the chances suddenly became minimal for the brave team. TheMista then rammed the message in with complete ownage of Sensuy, a last-minute switch-in thinking Wolves are gonna win it all, but no, not really smile, and that meant that after some great games and season overall, the Champions and Golden Banner holders for Season 27 of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League are:


The skilled Finalists:


Watch the Grand Finals on RTS League's Channel

Download Grand Finals recs (Voobly Balance Patch 1.05 required)

Bronze Banner Battle

The Finals though weren't the last games of the season - there were still two matches to finish. One of them was the redemption fight between AbsoLads and Tsunami Clan, bringing about yet another top level clash, and most certainly delivering on the expectations - all four games featured very good gameplay with so much raiding it was hard to follow live, and especially the first game was truly epic, with a 45min Megalopolis where Lads valiantly opposed the now former Champions against all odds. In the end though it wouldn't be TSM if they didn't claim a banner, and so they deservedly get another one to their vitrine:


Watch the Bronze Banner Battle on RTS League's Channel

Download Bronze Banner Battle recs (Voobly Balance Patch 1.05 required)

League Cup

Fight for the unique Blood-Red Banner for the best non-Playoff clan was shorter this time around, but that also meant all the more intense, as all the teams certainly had a shot at claiming it, and there was plenty of opportunity for the League Double. Gladiadores del Mythology B proved to be real DoD killers this season, toppling the B-team in the League Cup Semis after also killing the As in the division, and deservedly stood in the Finals against AbsoLads B, who were just inches from advancing into the Playoffs themselves this season. Lads had a solid run and performances overall, confirming that already against their LC Semifinal opponents Guardioes vs Titans, and so came into the very last battle of the season with confidence. Back then they didn't know it yet, but their commanding gameplay in the Finals was instrumental in securing their clan's place in the S27 Hall of Fame:


Watch the League Cup Finals on RTS League's Channel

Download League Cup Finals recs: Game 1, Game 2 (Voobly Balance Patch 1.05 required)

Fair Play Award

To reward fairness and niceness of clans is crucial in maintaining the friendly spirit of competing in RTS League. We're glad our participants are trying their best to make the games fun for both them and their opponents, and the best at doing that are, yet again:


TSM 9.0
GDM B 8.5
JSS 8.5
DoD 8.4
KeeN 8.4
Lad 8.3
Lad B 8.0
GVT 7.3
DoD B 6.8
GDM 5.5

Tsunami Clan is just the epitome of good effort in making the games fun smile

So, another season is behind us then, congratulations to all the awarded clans, and thanks to all the participants for making RTS League the best place for competitive Age of Mythology fun, and also helping us be the best source of content and live streams for the whole community! See you next season!

Btw, before we engage in another season of friendly competing, there will be a big team game event hosted at RTS-Sanctuary, so follow the web and keep your TG skillz sharp! smile

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