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Fade2 Became Golden - How AoT Season 28 Went Around


Start of September also marked the end of yet another Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League season hosted by RTS League that was a bit different than the recent past ones - not only weren't the reigning Champions 2k for jesus defending the Title, we also had a longer group stage and plenty of new clans coming in. This all resulted in some good games and curious scores.

Group Stage

With the line-ups supplied with the clan applications, it seemed Season 28 might be having one strong favourite - AbsoLads. They are always considered for the top positions, and when they were supposed to be having an assistance from Magic as well, many thought that should be it for the Golden Banner. But right in Round 3, their second League match proved it might get a bit trickier - the hero we needed, but did not deserve - SUD_jalegas - put their plans to a halt and following rounds where the As started to struggle with their roster just continued the trend. They still could get through to the Playoffs, but suddenly Bs began to look a lot more solid and aiming for their clan's success through their comfortable high-level play. It shouldn't also be left unnoticed that even the Cs came through very strong this season, resulting in Lad making up half the Playoff teams smile

Another clan expected to make a strong run was SK team, basically former TBL or BrT, a highly skilled group of players that has proven itself in numerous seasons, even winning once. These guys followed a different fate, a much better one, as they were the only 0-loss clan this season. Other organisation worthy of following were of course Deities of Death, as with their lately improving individuals, they are starting to resemble the dominant force of old again. They made the Playoffs run just fine, with an important scalp on the way - Fade2 proved to be an unexpected dark horse of the tournament, going perfect, but DoDs were still something they had troubles conquering. Otherwise though they developed into a fearsome team that became one of the top runners for the Banners.

Honourable mention then belongs to Greys and Misc Etc, a bunch of friends new to our community that wanted to taste what it's like to compete in a real clan competition, and we hope the experience will motivate them to play more and join us again in the next seasons - no matter the skill, RTS League is all about friendly competing in a game we love to waste time on smile

Find all the streamed games on our YouTube or Twitch and recs in our archive


Top 3 from each division moved forward, and as has been mentioned, 50% of that were AbsoLads - there probably never was a better statistical chance to reach the Banners than this smile A bit of a hitch could be considered the fact that the two strongest teams met right in the Quarterfinals, but, well, that's how it went and reflected the group stage performances. Things were getting increasingly difficult for the Lads as far as internal organisation goes though, and that affected their last matches of the season, making them challenging to even play, but with a bit of convincing and admin helping/pushing, we got the job done and As went into the Semis. Since Cs had a very hard task ahead of themselves, beating Deities of Death, that just a few truly expected them to succeed in (and they didn't), the chance for a Banner dropped a bit after Quarterfinals, but still, it kept being very good.

In Semis, the first-placed from divisions stepped in, and Fade2 left little doubt as to how and why they got in this position - two wins in the first two games against strong-line-upped AbsoLads A cemented their way into the Finals, even though the rest unfortunately wasn't played due to the mentioned organisational struggles of their opponents. The other Semis were a lot more hyped, as there is a bit of rivalry between DoD and Brazilian players of SK team - with the lack of serious results for the Deities in the past seasons, they probably weren't the toppest of favourites, but they are slowly on the rise in comparison with the rest of the community, and even though SK do possess tight teamplay, shining through in the first game, the rest of the match belonged to DoDs, even the famed Medit - that was actually a quite hard game to lose for SK, and surely boosted DoD's confidence.

Find all the streamed games on our YouTube or Twitch and recs in our archive

Grand Finals

Finals featured two clans that weren't exactly the expected names here, but with how the season progressed, they definitely proved the spots were deserved. Right the first map was probably the most fun one, as it usually goes with pre-set non-standard maps - Team Migration again did not disappoint. We have seen two different strategies, epic misplays, epic nice plays, and also a player with 5 TCs and still no pop for army. If you missed the Finals, do not miss this game smile After some back and forth and inexplicably untaken TCs, the dark horse of the tournament got the foot in the Golden door.

Home maps ensued, of which the first one was Anatolia, lately a stronghold of Deities of Death. This time around though, they faced an unexpectedly aggressive approach (yes, even more aggro than their own), and the game turned into who can win their side faster. Even though it got terribly, terribly close for Fade2, they managed to hold on through some good timings, and were looking to possibly even get a sweep after leading 2:0.

Sweep, because now it was their home map. They chose Oasis, and while in theory it's a nice map, looking at double top Eggies on the other side, it's suddenly looking lot less promising. The progress reflected that fact quite strongly and DoDs were looking very good to get a game back, but then, basically at the moment you would expect F2 to be impatiently eyeing the G key, something snapped and Ds started to slowly lose ground and Fades got a second wind. A second wind that led them to a much deserved claim on the Golden Banner for the best clan of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 28, and also the whole community:


And after a Final whose score does not truly reflect the tightness and level of performance, the Silvers are:


Watch the Grand Finals on RTS League's Channel

Download Grand Finals recs (Voobly Balance Patch 2.0 required)

Bronze Banner Battle

Bronze match was played right before the Finals, a bit on the short-notice side (well a lot :d), but it was again an important match in measuring the skill of clans - SK team promptly dispatched AbsoLads on Team Migration, but then things got realer, and Lads put up quite a significant fight to claim a Banner this season again. Nonetheless, 3rd place fight took the same amount of games to decide as the Finals and so the Bronze goes to:


Download Bronze Banner Battle recs (Voobly Balance Patch 2.0 required)

League Cup

Wouldn't be a proper season without the postseason competition for non-Playoff teams! smile League Cup featured seven teams with Team Mystic and Deities of Death having double chance of claiming the sole Blood-Red Banner - through fun Semifinals where both clans faced off their own teams, which was quite a struggle for TM through some good gameplay, we got two best into the Finals - Deities of Death B and Team Mystic B. In the battle of Bs, we saw some solid line-ups on both sides resulting in two aggro-minded games, after which we can award the League Cup Banner to:


Watch the League Cup Finals on RTS League's Channel

Fair Play Award

And who was the most friendly and best clan to play with? As per the clans' voting:


G_ME 9.4
DoD|B 9.0
Lad|B 8.8
DoD|C 8.6
F2 8.5
Lad 8.4
Lad|C 8.3
DoD 7.8
Sisu 7.7
SK 7.7
GDM 7.5
SUD 7.2
TM|B 6.6
TM 6.0

Greys and Misc Etc are the example of how to compete for fun smile

Congratulations to all the awarded clans and also of course big thanks to all the participants for making the season a reality! We're looking forward to having you and hopefully even more clans next season, which is slated to come in like about... A week or two! So get ready everyone wink

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