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#1 2019-02-05 04:39:34

Black Adder
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Hybrid Clan Cup Rules

General idea is a Hybrid mod tournament with GSL format following classic RTS League's Clan League Rules as a clan competition concerning what is clan and what players are eligible, including Guest Players - we will point out some specific parts below to make sure everyone understands, and some parts may differ from the standard RTSL due to the difference between the standard Clan League and this specific tournament, but in case of questions or something not being clear, refer to Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League Rules first, and/or contact RTS League staffers.

Specific ruleset for the Hybrid Clan Cup:

General Rules:

1. Tournament staffers (admins) have the final say in all cases. Current tournament staffers are: Black Adder, ChronoJJ, AoL_Destroyer.
2. AoL_Destroyer as the sponsor of the tournament is to be venerated and worshipped.
3. Players are required to play on their Main Nicknames they are known under. Smurfing is not permitted.


1. Open clan tournament - any real clan meeting our standard Clan League criteria and conventions can sign up. Clans will be evaluated by the tournament admins.
2. Tournament will consist of a Group Stage and a Playoff. Possibility of a qualification round depending on sign-ups. General idea of the format is GSL - Global StarCraft League.
3. Expected number of participants is 8/16, depending on sign-ups.
4. Group Stage consists of Divisions with 4 clans that will play a Double Elimination Bracket within. Seeding will be done according to RTS League conventions and Rules. Top two clans advance into the Playoff.
5. Playoff consists of a Single Elimination Bracket with a Bronze Banner Battle. Seeding will be done according to RTS League conventions and Rules.
6. 1 Round per week Monday-Sunday. Clans are required to play in the designated week.
7. Matches are to be Best of 3 within Divisions and possible Quarterfinals+Semifinals. Finals+Bronze Banner Battle are to be Best of 5. (It will be possible and allowed to play Best of 5 in all Playoff matches, provided both clans agree and scheduling is not compromised - in case of scheduling difficulties, Best of 3 is the expected default, besides Final round.)
8. Clans choose home maps from all the standard maps available with the game (therefore as in Random All, as in RTS League's Clan League) plus several additions listed below, decider is to be played on Random:

Random mapset includes:
Ghost Lake
Watering Hole

Additional maps available as home maps:
Black Sea
Blue Lagoon
Frozen Wastes
Painted Desert
River Styx
Sea of Worms RTSL

Best of 3:
Map 1: Higher-seeded clan
Map 2: The other clan
Map 3: Random

Best of 5:
Map 1: Higher-seeded clan
Map 2: The other clan
Map 3: The other clan (different from Map 2)
Map 4: Higher-seeded clan (different from Map 1)
Map 5: Random

Tournament Brackets:



1. Game version: AoMT Hybrid.
2. There are no vetoes, standard RTS League Rules and conventions apply - restart is possible in case of a bad mapscrew discovered within the first 5 minutes of game time (like missing TC or starting Gold Mine).
3. Supremacy is default. Conquest is available as a choice on clan's home map.
4. No cheats. Abusive tactics, such as hunt deleting or building excessive wall segments (e.g. 1x1 wall pieces spam) near settlements, gold mines, or wonders, are not permitted.
5. All games must be recorded and recorded games posted by the winner in RTS-Sanctuary's RTS League Replays forum. Games are to be played on Voobly's RTSL Ladder.


1. Clans are to follow standard RTS League Rules and conventions, such as being real clans and having at least 6 active players to ease scheduling. Guest Players per RTS League Rules are allowed. Clans are expected to play a match each week of the tournament without delays or postponement, so if you foresee potential problems with availability, make sure you have players to cover. Same applies to players known to have connection issues - you are solely responsible for having a replacement in such a case.
2. Base format is 1 team per clan due to predetermined number of participants for the tournament system, however if you would like to sign up B-teams, do so, as depending on sign-ups, we might consider them to fill spots. Supply player rosters with them as in our Clan League.
3. Clans are to designate at least 1 active player as a Clan Operator to carry out scheduling and upload games.

Scheduling and Playing Matches:

1. Clan Operators are to actively schedule matches for the designated week in the tournament forum - start right the first day of the round and visit the forum daily to set the time as soon as possible - not only for your convenience, but to allow us to set up live streaming.
2. If you agree on a time through other means, like via Voobly or Discord, Skype, etc., post in the tournament forum what date you have agreed upon so that we can follow the progress.
3. Players are to act respectfully towards their opponents and adhere to fair play standards. This includes also arriving to matches in time (that means actually ahead of the scheduled time) and not taking excessive breaks during them. Standard waiting time for players to begin playing is 20 minutes. Arrange your time and arrival so that you can go in-game and play on agreed-upon match time.


1. Current prize pool is 100:
1st place - 50
2nd place - 35
3rd place - 15

2. Prize division within the clan is upon the clan's discretion.
3. We accept donations to increase the prize pool. In case of further funding, distribution between clans may change.
4. PayPal is the main means of prize transfer.


Questions about some aspects of the tournament? Ask below! smile

[nex]Black__Adder (@BlackAdderPlays)

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." Peter O'Toole
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#2 2019-02-05 20:29:22

Senior League Staff
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Re: Hybrid Clan Cup Rules

For those unfamiliar with the game as it was prior to The Titans, here is a brief list of changes:

1. Town Centers cannot be built until the Heroic Age.
2. Age advancement does not result in free myth units at the temple.
3. Overall, many Myth Units and minor god technologies are slightly more expensive. A rare few are a bit cheaper.
4. For the most part, units and technologies have the same statistics.
5. Docks do not shoot arrows.
6. Greek unique units can be trained only in the fortress.
7. Upgraded siege ships are weaker.
8. No Titan age.
9. The Titans maps are included, as well as Painted Desert, Blue Lagoon, and Frozen Wastes,
10. Spearmen, Prodromos, Katapeltes, Raiding Cavalry, and non-atlantean villagers do not get an attack bonus vs siege.
11. Hands of the Pharaoh, Beast Slayer, Axe of Muspell, and Heroic Fleet have been removed.
12. Locust is weaker.



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