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#1 2008-06-01 22:02:49

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Announcing: The Media Blog

In our continuing attempts to provide top quality media team information and discussion, we have decided to open our latest idea:  The Media Blog.  Similar in organization to news sites or personal blogs, yet consistent in content with what we've always provided, the Media Blog will aid us in providing an easy format for outputting information, and a convenient location for our readers to absorb and discuss our writing.  We will soon allow comment sections, in the meanwhile feel free to PM the writers with  your thoughts and we may feature particularly insightful ones in responses on the blog. 

We hope to include both the latest happenings in RTSL with discussion of the AoE3 environment at large, as well as provide a more personal slant on things than you're used to reading from the media team.  So, be sure to spread the word to your clanmates and others in the community, and if you're interested in participating yourself, PM me to apply to join the team.

Join the media team!
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