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#1 2008-07-20 21:29:24

RTSL Alumnus
Registered: 2007-11-12
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RTSL AoC 21st Season Begins!

RTSL returns today with 43 clans fighting for the title !

You can check out the groups here --> http://www.rts-league.com/leagues/aoc/  , just click on your group to see who you are playing each round.
I will be in charge of Groups 1,2,3 and kazuya 4,5,6.

First Round begins Monday 21/07/08 and it will last till 03/08/08 which should give you enough time to add new players to your rosters and play your games.

To all the Clan Operators, if you haven't received or lost your Clan Panel username/password, PM me and I'll send it again.
To all the clans who weren't accepted, if you wish to know why just contact me by PM.

Good luck and have fun.

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#2 2008-07-21 17:40:25

Registered: 2008-01-19
Posts: 86

Re: RTSL AoC 21st Season Begins!

Cant u add my clan to any group please┬┐? sad... shit i miss this sing up.. :S



#3 2008-08-23 22:21:37

Registered: 2008-05-21
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Re: RTSL AoC 21st Season Begins!

When is the next Season ???, i dont wanna to miss it plz!!

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