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#1 2015-03-10 22:12:20

Black Adder
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The Brazilian Legend Takes AoT Season 23!


Well, isn't this something. We had clans the likes of Deities of Death, Mighty Genaration, Tsunami Clan or former Muppets' top players signed up, but none of them could reach the ultimate heights this season. That great privilege belongs to an entirely different clan, a clan proving that superior team cooperation and strategy preparation prevails over individual skills.

Season 23 started with important changes to the way scheduling is treated and with holding clans responsible for their actions and internal activity situation. Even though we, due to the specifics of our community, faced some difficulties along the way (especially Division 2), the experience was overall better than previous seasons and we believe the next one will prove to be even better thanks to both our and participating clans' efforts.

We also unfortunately successfully uncovered another case of malicious smurfing and even though the ramifications were serious to the season's progress, we dealt with the situation decisively and fairly to protect the integrity and fun factor of the competition. This situation in the end resulted in staff discussions bringing forth ideas that will see the light of day in Season 24 and we hope will further improve on the experience that you're looking for at RTS League.

Lastly, we introduced new format to the Playoff matches that proved to be a huge success with multiple Best of 5s coming to all five games to determine the better clan and the community witnessing stellar play on not-so-common maps like Team Migration or Sea of Worms RTSL (from the Official RTS League Mapset), bringing the much needed fresh air to the stale Mediterranean Marshes of AoT. All those games were also streamed live on the RTS League Twitch with great viewership turnout, spreading the word of our community to the wider Age of Mythology public.

Road to Finals

Getting back to Season 23's progress from the clans' perspective, let's start with 2k for jesus. They were allotted to Division 2 together with last season's top clan mG, and even though activity was not easy to get there, they hadn't left any doubts as to whom should be the Title runner from this group - 0 losses is a clear indicator you mean business, coupled with the stacked line-up they have - all the top players from MpT (Chef, Count, Ert) plus TheMista the Great.

Their real test came in the Semifinals with Tsunami Clan (vids, recs), a team of players always eyeing the top spots and often succeeding. After coming down 0:2 thanks to a high quality effort from TSM, they summoned all their strengths, wits and TheMista to provide us with extraordinary comeback of epic proportions that put them in the driver's seat for the Title.

Their Championship opponents - The Brazilian Legend - came from Division 1. As late entrants and a clan that in previous season's usually played on the first steps of Playoffs, they proved early on that this season will be different from their side. After scoring impressive results against all the top clans in their division (2:0 vs. TSM (vids, recs), 1:1 vs. DoD (vids, recs) and Lad (vids, recs)), they ended up third, having to go through Quarterfinals with Gladiadores del Mythology (vids, recs).

Here they did not flinch and their next match stood them against DoD (vids, recs), a clan with which they share history, adding further spice to the already interesting match-up. What we got was beyond anything anyone could have hoped for - an exciting back and forth battle, DoD twice getting ahead, TBL twice catching up, finally grabbing the last, fifth game that propelled them to the last fight of the season.

Grand Finals

After the superinteresting Semifinals, we knew the Finals had a tough task ahead of them to be even better. But with the impressive team skills of TBL and undeniable individual quality of JSS, we knew "something" is going to happen, and we were right.

Many probably put JSS as favourites (maybe even clear ones) in this match, but right the first game put that prediction to a lie. TBL unleashed a deadly strategy on JSS, who were able to retaliate quite nicely with great ingenuity, but still fell short in the end and trailed 0:1. Next map didn't improve on their situation and they fell to 0:2, TBL looking confident in their play and heading for their first ever Golden Banner. Here it seemed like the Grand Finals might actually be short as expected, but from an unexpected angle.

Game 3 though was the point where JSS finally got to their sweet spot and started rolling. Medit was as clear a win as any for them, and on Lamia RTSL, they rode their wagon of success to the finishing line once more. In the end then it all came down to the fifth game, a decider, one last time.

Gods chose Marsh, a map nobody complains about, to see the resolution to the Finals of Season 23. Perhaps intoxicated by their success in previous games, JSS decided for a superaggressive - and superrisky - strat, a triple rush. The quality of play to execute it was there, no doubt, but with everything on the line... At the same time though, fortune favours the brave, so if you are confident you can do it, go ahead! TBL, specifically Seattle, soon found themselves under interesting pressure, looking forward to a grim future if they could not come up with something useful to counter the situation - fortunately for them they had Ceasefire which gave them all the time they needed to successfully repel the initial push and normalise the game. As the more experienced amongst us know though, strategies such as JSS' are usually the "all-in" kind in otherwise equal setting, and so even though JSS gave it their best and took the game to quite some more minutes, the fully deserved Champions of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 23 are:


The Finalists:


Watch the Grand Finals on RTS League YouTube

Download Grand Finals recs (RTSL maps require Official RTS League Mapset)

Bronze Banner

For the Bronze Banner, we saw another RTSL classic, Deities of Death versus Tsunami Clan. The match proved to be a clash of styles, with DoD trying to push through a strong wall of double Zeus complemented by Sensuy on TSM's side. The Deities did a very good job of coming up with ways to limit their opponents' abilities and came very close to success, but in the end the match confirmed the previous result and TSM deservedly reclaim the Bronze Banner from last season:


Watch the Bronze Banner Match on RTS League YouTube

Download Bronze Banner Match recs (games from 22/2; RTSL maps require Official RTS League Mapset)

League Cup

Long before the Grand Finals came, we knew who are the holders of this season's unique League Cup, a sole award for the clans beyond the Playoff spots, but still eager for more postseason fun. Deities of Death B and KeeN battled for the Cup hard, taking all three games to see who is the better here, and provided us with an interesting set of games worth watching. KeeN took to early lead and DoD evened the score, with the last game going to:


Watch the League Cup Finals on RTS League YouTube

Download League Cup Finals recs: Game 1, Game 2, Game 3

Fair Play Award

And here we're getting to the special prize given to the clan that was the most fun to play with during the season - the Fair Play Award. They present the pinnacle of sportsmanship and scheduling acumen that everyone is striving for, or should be, so that RTS League is as much fun as possible for everyone. The Blue Banner goes to the team that won the award last season as well, confirming their high standards, the Tsunami Clan:


TSM 9.40
JSS 8.25
Lad 8.25
AoD 7.83
DoD 7.67
DoD|B 7.50
GDM 7.50
KeeN 7.33
SUD 7.33
ReV 6.67
vK 6.33
TBL 5.00

So everyone deserving is now decorated, and as always, all that remains is to congratulate the successful clans and give thanks to all the participants who helped make this season what it was - congrats and thanks!

Looking forward to seeing you and other new clans in Season 24 the sign-ups of which are planned to start in the next few weeks, after we finalise the novelties we are preparing for you.

See you then!

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

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