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Black Adder
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29th AoT Posteason Has Begun!


Group stage is over and with February we're switching gears in our Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 29! Divisions provided some exciting gameplay with many, many very interesting results, showcasing also plenty, plenty of unusual maps - almost draining our arsenal for the Playoff pre-sets! :d Nonetheless, we have learnt the best clans and they are now going to vie for the Title vacated by Fade2 - Deities of Death are on it again, with 2k for jesus, KeeN and others as well - who will claim the prestigious Golden Banner for the best clan in the community now? We will choose from the following clans:


Playoff Bracket

Tough battles ahead, but that's all the better for us, the community, as it means more entertaining live streams at twitch.tv/RTSLeague and twitch.tv/RTSLeague2! Follow also our other community channels to learn when we're going live to not a miss a single thing

http://i.imgur.com/BrmV7gk.png http://i.imgur.com/IEBUCY1.png http://i.imgur.com/u1Xv4Rp.png http://i.imgur.com/u1Xv4Rp.png http://i.imgur.com/jhL7lal.png http://i.imgur.com/JuYIdyu.png

League Cup

Postseason is traditionally open for the other clans and teams, too, and so we have this play-hungry group participating in the extra battles beyond group stage for the lone Blood-Red League Cup Banner:


League Cup Bracket

Looking at the Divisions, we can easily expect quality games here, too - but mainly, we hope the clans will enjoy the opportunity to have some more competitive games in which to represent themselves in front of the community smile


Info for the clans

Check out the Playoffs and League Cup info topics in the appropriate scheduling forums for more info on the postseason.

Timetable for Playoffs and League Cup:
Quarterfinals: 2nd/7th - 11th February
Semifinals: 12-18th February
Grand Finals/Bronze Match: 19-25th February

Playoff Scheduling Forum
League Cup Scheduling Forum

Gl&hf clans, and may the skill be with you!


We're in Need of a Web Dev (and Other Staffers)!

We're always on the lookout for community members eager to help their fellow players enjoy the game we all love even more!

Currently we would quite welcome help from a skilled webmaster to improve on our web, so if you have experience with creating and running websites (especially PHP) and would like to leave your mark on not only the "Age of" community, make sure to contact us! (You'll need a forum log-in, and careful to replace the addressee line with my nick - Black Adder - yes, this could be one of the things you could help with fixing smile )

We could definitely also find use for various other talents you might have, especially concerning graphics, streaming or other content creation, and our League Staff team could also accommodate another enthusiast to make sure our Leagues function as well as possible!

So if you'd like to help us bring RTS League and the fun it offers to the community to the next level and join our team, be sure to message me (you'll need a forum log-in, and careful to replace the addressee line with my nick - Black Adder smile ) with your ideas and how do you think you could help us and the community improve!

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

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