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#1 2021-07-18 06:11:18

Black Adder
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AoT S32 Finals This Sunday and Look Back at S31 Before DoD's Defence


With Season 32 coming to its head this Sunday at 19:00 GMT with Finals between TheUnCrapAbles Lizowl and Deities of Death, let's set the tone with unfulfilled tasks from previous season - how did Deities of Death reach the Title of the best clan in the community in RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 31 they are defending now? How did TheUnCrapAbles fare? And who were the other successful clans?

Group Stage

Season 31 saw a healthy amount of clans and teams enter its competition as is lately usual due to everyone being quite eager for the games, and so besides the standard staples we again saw some newcomers like Rest in Peace Gamers, Game Changers or Pandoraboxx.

The progress wasn't too surprising, though of course we did have good games nonetheless, but curiously in each of the two divisions we saw some groundbreaking (or rather kind of ground-setting for later) results - in Division 1 Deities of Death struggling against TheUnCrapAbles Owls, and later also against Fade2, in Division 2 TheUnCrapAbles Lizards having a tough time with AllTimeBest, also thanks to a special map usage of Sudden Death (btw that was a very good effort to stave off the defeat by UCAs). From other clans maybe TheWalker Team with their strong line-up were expected to fare a bit better, though they did advance to the Playoffs, at the expense of another well-playing clan, Old Boys, filling the season with special maps (that was btw an overall theme of the season, we have really seen a lot of unusual maps played, so if you're into those and some uncommon play, do give a look to our streams or recs). Glad for the diversity in play experience!

Find the streamed games on our Twitch or YouTube and recs in our archive (Voobly Balance Patch 4.0 required)


With the usual suspects advancing, some with considerable worry, also regarding the seeding (hey DoD), the results right in the Quarterfinals meant an unusual, sometimes worrisome, intra-clan match between TheUnCrapAbles teams - will they play to their best? Will they not dally in scheduling? (As the easiest most straightforward things usually result in most delays because everyone has plenty of time, etc.) Will they give the other team no Quarters? The worry was dispelled when the games provided were of the expected variety, and with unexpected result - the Owls (B team, but they don't like it, though I have to clearly differentiate somehow :d) beat Lizards straight up 2:0 and very surprisingly took their spot in the Season 31 Semifinals. Who would've thought. Well played.

The other Quarterfinals featured a bit uncertain Deities of Death at the end of the Group Stage, and same could've been said for TheWalker Team A - this match could've ended up either way. However, DoDs were not about to be left behind out of the Banner fights, and took out the big guns - DoDs, after years of struggles on certain maps (we all know what we're talking about), made a 180, and became the thing they feared all those years - special map (ab)users! :d Acropolis was their rage and it was not going to be the last stage of their plan.

Fade2, as the only undefeated clan in the Group Stage, awaited their Semifinal opponents with confidence, after all, they were the winners of Season 30, and right against TheUnCrapAbles - but was the non-expected team going to be a problem? Pre-set Borderlands offered a planned aggro-fest which can go either way, but the resulting home map of UCAs offered an excellent aggro play as well resulting into a draw (what a difference how this map is played lately in the meta as opposed to a few years back! And it's fun!). However, here is where F2 got into their groove and after clutching their favourite Mediterranean (though this was a really hard game and could've easily ended differently), finished the match on another pre-set Sea of Worms RTSL (the one with Towers) with quite intense Dock (yet not water) and border fighting.

In the other Semifinals waited AllTimeBest, a surprise of the Season (as in the first spot, they played well before), to meet their ever-Banner-hungry foes. First-game Borderlands saw a confirmation of the fun match we were going to get, as ATB began with a special triple-Heimdall and you can imagine what ensued, while their home map featured another specialty in kind of popular lately Vinlandsaga resulting into a very short game - the choice of triple Ora was really weird. The other home map then was a map familiar from before, and cementing we're going to get a set of non-usual battle settings - this time though it was a real tough struggle, seeing many of the same, in many regards - gods, Titans, Wonders, everything. Deities of Death liked triple of the same, and so following Sea of Worms was yet again of the same variety, resulting in Kronos shenanigans in all their beauty one can enjoy with Time Shifts and Implosions and the like.

Find the streamed games on our Twitch or YouTube and recs in our archive (Voobly Balance Patch 4.0 required)

Grand Finals

Finalists were then known, and all that remained was to see who gets the Title and who gets to succeed as second (though they sure wouldn't see it as success at the time smile ). We started again on a pre-set map as is custom, and this time it was Nile Delta that hasn't been seen around for a while - both clans approached it a bit differently, and while water struggles lasted a long time, the land approach was timed better for DoD, and so they took the lead towards their coveted Banner. Home maps were not surprising at all, yet the results were, as the exchange of them probably wasn't much expected by either side, but it happened, in an orderly manner in the Medit case, yet in the Acropolis case not so much, as that in the end due to technical difficulties required some admin assistance. Second pre-set Tundra Pools then would probably be expected to be DoD's closing map, but F2s came in well prepared and offered such a resistance that the longest game of the Finals yet forced a decider - and that was Alfheim, where, frankly, the dominance was clear, and so, after years and years of waiting, one of the most successful clans in the game's history came back to the Throne of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League:


Second-placed, yet close to first:


Watch the Grand Finals commentated stream on the RTS League Channel

Download Grand Final recs (Voobly Balance Patch 4.0 required)

Bronze Banner Battle

Battle for the Bronze had the same settings as Finals, yet the progress differed quite a bit - Nile Delta was a confident affair, but the next Marsh was as well, though for the other side. Curiously enough for ATB's home map they got inspired by their previous opponents, and we saw another Acropolis, with wildly different approaches this time around - triple Ra vs. an assortment of different gods. The game was quite actively engaging with a bit of race for time element, but after its conclusion, and the cool Kronos start to the next one, UCA Owls were looking pretty good with their aggressive approach to the whole match - and it yielded benefits:


Watch the Bronze Banner Battle commentated stream on the RTS League Channel

Download Bronze Banner Battle recs - Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4 (Voobly Balance Patch 4.0 required)

League Cup

As always, we also had postseason bracket for the non-Playoff clans, which featured many a skilled clan and player, but hopefully also simply some fun games for everyone to enjoy further - through all the tribulations and efforts put into the whole season, TheWalker Team B and Gladiadores del Mythology + Organization of Natural Uppers made it into the Finals, and the lone Blood-Red Banner was through a confident performance (and tough matches behind them) conquered by a (co-)clan that deserves one for a long time - they always provide great games and performances and always put up good fights and trouble for any clan they meet:


Watch League Cup Finals commentated stream on the RTS League Channel

Download League Cup Finals recs - Game 1,Game 2

Fair Play Award

Signifying the most comfortable and fun clan to play with, Fair Play Rating determines per clans' experiences the embodiment of RTS League's spirit and what competing here means - having a good time if possible and maybe the success coming with it - as voted by the Clan Operators, Season 31's awardee is:


WKT 9.6
UCA Lizards 9.3
GCs 9.2
OB 8.9
PXx 8.9
DoD|B 8.8
DoD 8.4
ATB 8.0
F2 8.0
RPG 7.8
UCA Owls 7.8
TLP 7.2
TM 6.4
WKT|B 6.0
AoL 5.9

Congratulations to all the successful clans and thank you very much to all who participated - without you, we wouldn't be having the competition community, you, enjoys! Hope to see you all, and maybe some new (hopefully) clans in the next iterations that are sure to come, and continue coming! smile

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