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#1 2008-08-08 01:23:48

Registered: 2008-08-08
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DCT So Important!!!

Hey guys We played vs ALC clan 3 games we won 2-1
and i see u guys say 1-1 :S and btw They got Smurf F_6 Cause its faslideri Nick too and they both played thats mean faslideri give somone his other nick to play and smurf vs us!!!! Plz Replay as fast as possible  tnx alot gl hf!!!



#2 2008-08-08 02:15:32

RTSL Alumnus
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Re: DCT So Important!!!

I already talked with your clan operator regarding the 3 games you guys played so it's being taken care of.

About the possible smurfing by A-L-C, if you have any proof of it then PM it to me and I'll take action, otherwise don't bring it up especially in public, you've been warned.

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